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Times really have changed; that's exactly why NAUGLES CORP. — our resurrected, fan-favorite Mexican and American restaurant — is strategically positioned to take advantage of the fast-growing nationwide market for quick-service Mexican food. If you share our entrepreneurial spirit, do not miss this opportunity to be a part of the exciting and unstoppable NAUGLES family.

MEXICAN QSR - The increase in this sector is fueled by people's time constraints, higher grocery prices, and economic factors, such as increasing budgets for daily household expenses. The trends driving guests to our sector are expected to continue over the next five years. The Mexican restaurant industry's estimated value was $38 billion in 2015, and is predicted to rise to $43 billion by 2020.

With our team of restaurant and franchise experts, NAUGLES is poised to open corporate-owned restaurants in strategic markets. This solid foundation and regional wealth of knowledge will help grow the brand nationwide, and eventually overseas. We'll balance growth and quality control, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable dining experience that stays true to original founder Dick Naugle's recipe for success: "Prepare food fresh. Serve customer fast. Keep place clean."

Awards & Accolades

"The Naugles Pop-Up Was Even Awesomer Than Expected" - OC Weekly • Featured in "Orange County's 21 Hottest Restaurants, Winter 2016" - LA Eater • "Orange County HotList: Best Burrito of 2016 & 2017 • "Naugles Receives 2016 and 2017 Best of Fountain Valley Mexican Restaurants Award"